Tour of The Oriental Trading Company

State-of-the-Art Distribution Center

September 18, 2014

La Vista, Nebraska


This state-of-the-art facility underwent a massive automated warehouse renovation, which included adding voice picking technology, sortation and conveyor systems, a warehouse control system, and 250,000 square foot fulfillment area featuring a three-level mezzanine. 


Members of the Distribution Roundtable and interested parties will learn how this highly automated facility increased productivity to better mange more than 30,000 SKUs and handle on a daily basis over 400,000 items to meet customer service level agreements.




September 18, 2014 -Orientation about OTC facility in Wabash Meeting Room (at the Hilton), followed by a guided tour of the Oriental Trading Company.


9:00-9:30am - Overview of the Oriental Trading Company operation

Hear firsthand from the systems integrator on how the project was executed.

10:30-11:00am - Mobile Worker Technology Supplement Automation

Get the latest information about improving your production using mobile technology.

11:00-11:30am - High Speed Unit Sortation 

Can a sorter be fast, gentle and efficient? Yes it can! Learn how OTC achieved this. 

11:30-12:15pm - Lunch

12:30-2:30pm - Tour of Oriental Trading Company


On September 17th, we will be hosting a welcome dinner and networking at the Horse Shoe Casino.


Hotel Information:
Hilton Garden Inn
Omaha East/Council Bluffs
2702 Mid America Dr.
Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Ph: 712.309.9000 Fax: 712.309.9001

Airport Information:
Eppley Airfield
4501 Abbott Drive
OMAHA, NE 68110-2689
(402) 661-8017

Please contact Elizabeth Dempsey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (201) 635-3493 with any questions!

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Key Details of The Oriental Trading Company Distribution Center

The 750,000 square foot warehouse located in LaVista, NB outside of Omaha replaced a smaller facility, which was maxed out due to company growth and new product additions. Previously, OTC used a paper-driven, pick-to-cart fulfillment process, which required pickers to walk up to 10 miles/day. With automation, OTC has increased productivity by 45 percent, reduced picking errors by 60 percent, and improved accuracy to 99.9 percent. 


Key benefits OTC received from the automation project that will be showcased during the tour include: 


  • Fulfillment capabilities to manage 50,000 SKUs, including out-of-season stock frequently ordered by consumers through OTC's website
  • Voice-picking technology
  • Sophisticated double-density tilt tray sorter and conveyor system that feeds 600 packout stations
  • Secondary sortation system that delivers packages to trucks
  • Warehouse Control System that optimizes picking and packing waves and more
  • Improved pick density in picking processes to minimize travel distances and pick times
  • Unique explode and assemble picking methodology for order fulfillment


About The Distribution Roundtable 

The Distribution Roundtable is a LinkedIn Group for Warehouse and Distribution Center professionals. We focus on key industry trends and issues in the Retail, CPG, Distribution, Manufacturing, Wine & Spirits, Food & Beverage industries. 


Our discussions focus on warehousing and DC management best practices, material handling automation, material handling processes, omni-channel fulfillment, picking & packing technology, and much more. Connect with us by visiting us on LinkedIn in Groups at Distribution Roundtable.

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